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Fibre Cement Facade Panel

DURACOM is an express joint 9mm fibre cement facade panel (CFC cladding) which offers superior strength and impact resistance. Ideally suited for all high performance commercial facade cladding and lining applications DURACOM CFC cladding is is easily installed to a steel framing system with countersunk screws using best practice CFC installation methods. Offering infinite different panel layouts and colour palettes it is finished onsite after installation with a high quality exterior paint or texture coating.


Superior Material

DURACOM CFC cladding is an advanced compressed fibre cement meaning it is a high density panel with high strength, impact resistance and longevity compared to some other fibre cement materials.

Unlimited Colours

DURACOM CFC cladding is easily finished onsite after installation using high quality exterior paint or texture coat systems in an almost unlimited range of colours.


DURACOM CFC cladding is pre-sealed with an advanced UV cured coating system for protection from moisture absorption onsite prior to the external paint finish being applied.

Australian Made

DURACOM CFC cladding is proudly made in Australia by one of the world’s largest fibre cement manufacturers with a proven track record supplying millions of m2 of product to the construction market.

Asbestos Free

DURACOM CFC cladding is produced to Australian quality standards and it is 100% asbestos free for guaranteed consumer safety and peace of mind.

Full Warranty

DURACOM CFC cladding comes with a 15 year warranty backed by the manufacturer. Use DURACOM panels with assurance that it is backed by one of Australia's largest companies.

Proven Performance

DURACOM CFC cladding has proven performance in many regions and climates and it has been rated by CSIRO for weatherability. Use with confidence knowing that it is a tried and proven product.


DURACOM CFC cladding is a deemed non-combustible facade material that complies with BAL40 as required in AS3959:2009, the ideal solution for use in bushfire-prone areas.


Product Range






DURACOM 9mm Fibre Cement, 1800 x 900mm


1 Sheet

DC92490 DURACOM 9mm Fibre Cement, 2400 x 900mm Stock 1 Sheet
DC93090 DURACOM 9mm Fibre Cement, 3000 x 900mm Stock 1 Sheet
DC91812 DURACOM 9mm Fibre Cement, 1800 x 1200mm Stock 1 Sheet
DC92412 DURACOM 9mm Fibre Cement, 2400 x 1200mm Stock 1 Sheet
DC92712 DURACOM 9mm Fibre Cement, 2700 x 1200mm Stock 1 Sheet
DC93012 DURACOM 9mm Fibre Cement, 3000 x 1200mm Stock 1 Sheet







SG1203560 STUDTEK 120 x 35mm Joint Top-hat, 6.0m Length Stock 1 Length
SG503560 STUDTEK 50 x 35mm Intermediate Top-hat, 6.0m Length Stock 1 Length
SZA757560 STUDTEK 75 x 75mm Zincalume Angle, 6.0m Length Stock 1 Length

STUDTEK 67 x 3.5mm Black Backing Strip, 3.59m Length

Stock 1 Length
SJS299 STUDTEK 67 x 3.5mm Black Backing Strip, 2.99m Length Stock 1 Length
TFG3632 STUDTEK 40 x 3.2mm Vertical Joint Gasket, 25m Roll Stock 1 Roll
DCSEAL DURACOM 400g Edge Sealer (Apply to all cut edges) Stock 1 Can
SBCSK SMARTBIT Countersinking Tool Stock 1 Tool
GVCSK30 GALVANISED 30mm x 10g Countersunk Screw, 100 Pack Stock 1 Pack
MEGAP1 MEGAPOXY P1 Filler for Flushing Screws, 1 Litre Stock 1 Pack



Draft Specification

Design, engineer, supply, fabricate and install DURACOM 9mm thick compressed fibre cement by BLUECHIP (Phone: 08 9451 2344) to the areas as shown on the drawings. The contractor shall provide a complete cladding system, including cladding material, sarking, framing, fixings, gaskets and other accessories required. The 9mm DURACOM panels shall have a smooth finish to provide a high quality surface ready for a suitable external coating product and shall be pre-sealed to prevent moisture ingress onsite before the panels are painted.


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