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Express Fibre Cement Cladding

DURAGRID express fibre cement cladding is similar in design and application to other express type fibre cement products with the added benefit of being manufactured by one of the worlds most experienced fibre cement companies meaning it can offer better value without any compromise. Offering a smooth surface with square edge finish for express joints, DURAGRID fibre cement cladding enables easy installation and easy finishing onsite for a clean modern finish.


Express Joint

DURAGRID fibre cement cladding is installed with express joints between all the panels providing neat clean lines to achieve a cost effective yet modern look using unlimited different panel layouts.

Versatile Design

DURAGRID fibre cement cladding is a highly versatile panel with a superior surface that is ready to be finished with your choice of external paint or texture coating product in any colour.

Smart Sheet Sizes

DURAGRID fibre cement cladding is readily stocked in the common sheet sizes designed to suit standard stud spacing’s and provide the sort after modern looking negative detail.

Strength & Durability

DURAGRID fibre cement cladding can be used in wind zones up to and including extra high areas according to NZS3604:2011 for wide application all over Australia

Fast Installation

DURAGRID fibre cement cladding is installed to timber battens or steel framing using screws, traditional nails or brad nails using a nail gun for fast easy and efficient installation.

Global Manufacturer

DURAGRID fibre cement cladding is manufactured by one of the world’s largest fibre cement companies which supplies millions of m2 per year for the construction market.

Cost Effective

DURAGRID fibre cement cladding is a cost effective product that is fast and easy to install and finish providing a quality commercial grade product without the price tag of other products.

BRANZ Certified  

DURAGRID fibre cement cladding has proven performance in many regions and climates. It is unaffected by, air, steam, salt or sunlight and is BRANZ appraised so you can specify it with confidence.


Product Range






DURAGRID 9mm Fibre Cement, 1190 x 1190mm 


1 Sheet

DG9299119 DURAGRID 9mm Fibre Cement, 2990 x 1190mm  Stock 1 Sheet
DG917989 DURAGRID 9mm Fibre Cement, 1790 x 890mm  Stock 1 Sheet
DG923959 DURAGRID 9mm Fibre Cement, 2390 x 590mm Stock 1 Sheet







DGB27 DURAGRID 70 x 19mm Timber Batten, 2.7m Length Stock 1 Length
DGB30 DURAGRID 70 x 19mm Timber Batten, 3.0m Length Stock 1 Length
SG751560 STUDTEK 75 x 15mm Top-hat, 6.0m Length Stock 1 Length
SG753560 STUDTEK 75 x 35mm Top-hat, 6.0m Length Stock 1 Length
SJS359 STUDTEK 67 x 3.5mm Black Backing Strip, 3.59m Length Stock 1 Length
SJS299 STUDTEK 67 x 3.5mm Black Backing Strip, 2.99m Length Stock 1 Length
SBCSK SMARTBIT Countersinking Tool Stock 1 Tool



Draft Specification

Design, engineer, supply, fabricate and install DURAGRID 9mm thick express fibre cement cladding by BLUECHIP (Phone: 08 9451 2344) to the areas as shown on the drawings. The contractor shall provide a complete cladding system, including cladding material, sarking, framing, fixings, gaskets and other accessories required. The 9mm DURAGRID panels have a smooth finish to provide a high quality surface ready for a suitable external coating product.


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