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Foam Insulation

INSULBLUE products are a heavy duty 3-in-1 insulation, thermal and radiant barrier comprising of an advanced high density closed cell XPE foam material sandwiched between two layers of poly woven foil. INSULBLUE provides excellent thermal properties and reflectivity and is suitable for use in roof, cavity, wall wrap and floor systems for all construction types. It provides superior thermal ratings to standard sarking and helps to reduce thermal bridging between building elements such as exterior cladding and structure.



Easy to Use

INSULBLUE is a ultra flexible product which is easily adaptable for wrap-around areas and varied surface types making it quick and easy to install.

Tear Resistance

With heavy duty foil and high density XPE foam core, INSULBLUE is able to withstand high wind and has high tear resistance in extreme conditions.

Resistant to Delamination

The poly woven reflective foils used in the manufacture of INSULBLUE offer outstanding resistance to delamination over time ensuring excellent long term performance.

Proven to Perform in WA

Used widely in roofing, wall wrap and cavity applications across Western Australia, INSULBLUE has been proven to withstand the harsh climate statewide.

BCA Compliant

INSULBLUE has been tested in accordance with relevant Australian standards giving confidence to builders and contractors for suitability in all applications.

Fibre-free Material

Made from cross-linked closed cell XPE foam, INSULBLUE is non-irritant to skin and non-allergenic making it easy for contractors to work with.

Clear Cavity Maintained

When INSULBLUE is used in wall cavity applications such as double brick construction a clear cavity is still maintained making it easily accessible for services.

Water Resistant

The heavy duty facings and closed-cell material structure of INSULBLUE means there is no product degredation over time caused by any event of moisture ingress.  


INSULBLUE Product Range







INSULBLUE 4mm Foam Insulation, 1.35 x 22.25m



1 Roll

IFX613522 INSULBLUE 6.5mm Foam Insulation, 1.35 x 22.25m R0.17 Stock 1 Roll
IFX813522 INSULBLUE 8mm Foam Insulation, 1.35 x 22.25m R0.20 Stock 1 Roll
ICS6060 INSULBLUE 60 x 60 x 20mm Cavity Spacers, 50 Pack NA Stock 1 Pack
ITR4850 INSULTAPE 48mm Reinforced Foil Tape, 50m Roll NA Stock 1 Roll
ITR9650 INSULTAPE 96mm Reinforced Foil Tape, 50m Roll NA Stock 1 Roll


INSULBLUE Technical Data

Test Item



Flammability Index AS 1530.2 Low <5
Strength / Duty AS 4200.1 Heavy Duty
Foil Emittance AS 4201.5  0.03
Anti-glare Emittance AS 4201.5 0.05
Reflectivity Actual 97%
Water Barrier AS 4201.4 High
Dry Delamination AS 4201.1 Pass
Wet Delamination AS 4201.2 Pass
Corrosion Resistance AS 4859.1 Pass



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