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Colour-matched Cladding Trims

CLADTRIM cladding trims are a range of smart, corrosion resistant aluminium trims and accessories that cater to individual requirements. They can be supplied in mill-finish or powder coated to match any colour. CLADTRIM cladding trims provide the easy and crisp finish to any cladding material. The CLADTRIM cladding trims are designed to be used for internal and external corners, window detailing, abutments, joints and any area where a trim may be required. The adjustable depth of the corner profiles allow for ease of adaption to most cladding materials.


Secret Fixing

CLADTRIM cladding trims hide all the messy finishing areas to complete your project neatly and hide away all the ugly fixings leaving a clean and modern finish.

Maintenance Free

CLADTRIM cladding trims are manufactured from high grade alloy for use in marine environments. Available in anodised or powder coated they are the ideal long term finish to your cladding.

User Friendly

CLADTRIM cladding trims have been designed with an adjustable depth so you can easily apply them to your choice of cladding materials to neatly finish off your project.

Fire Rated

CLADTRIM cladding trims are 100% non-combustible allowing them to be used anywhere a non-combustible material is required.


CLADTRIM cladding trims are designed to be used with different thickness cladding products from 15mm to 24mm thick providing unrivalled versatility.

Unlimited Colours

CLADTRIM cladding trims can be supplied in unlimited custom colours matched to either SELEKTA or DUROCLAD composite cladding or a sample supplied by the client.

Weather Tight

By using a suitable sealant underneath the outside trim piece, CLADTRIM cladding trims help weather seal the cladding at junctions such as corners, abutments and around openings.

Easy Expression

CLADTRIM cladding trims give unlimited design expression to your cladding project by allowing you to match the cladding, window frames or any other colour.



Product Range






CLADTRIM 40 x 40mm Corner Profile (External/Internal), 5.5m Length


1 Length

CTCS CLADTRIM 40mm Cover Strip, 5.5m Length Stock 1 Length
CTSS CLADTRIM Starter Strip, 5.5m Length Stock 1 Length
CT4040 CLADTRIM 40 x 40mm Angle, 6.5m Length Stock 1 Length
CT4020 CLADTRIM 40 x 20mm Angle, 5.8m Length Stock 1 Length
CT2020 CLADTRIM 20 x 20mm Angle, 5.8m Length Stock 1 Length
CTCOAT CLADTRIM Custom Colour Coating (Insert Colour) 3-5 Days 1 Length



Draft Specification

Design, engineer, supply and install CLADTRIM cladding trims by BLUECHIP (Ph: 08 9451 2344) to the areas as shown on the drawings. The contractor shall provide a complete cladding system that is to be finished off with CLADTRIM cladding trims to all corner details. The CLADTRIM cladding trims shall consist of minimum 6000 series alloy suitable for marine environments and the colour shall be …………………………………………… (nominate a powder coat colour/s or anodised mill finish).


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