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Steel Deck Framing System

DECKFRAME deck framing is a heavy duty steel deck sub-framing system which can be easily used in most decking applications and offers fast, cost-effective installation and excellent long-term durability. DECKFRAME deck framing is made entirely from steel which means it is termite proof and is the ideal solution for any termite and insect prone areas where timber is a concern. Furthermore DECKFRAME deck framing is non-combustible with 0 indices for flame-spread, flammability, ignigtability and smoke development so is suitable for all areas up to BAL 40


Australian Made

DECKFRAME deck framing is manufactured in Australia from high quality galvanised or zincalume steel to ensure ongoing durability and longevity in most environments.

Versatile System

The DECKFRAME deck framing system is an adaptive, durable and versatile system that can be easily used to create your decking or boardwalk area sub-construction.

User Friendly

The DECKFRAME deck framing system is highly flexible and can be used with many types of decking materials such as timber, Rightwood and composite decking.

Termite Proof

DECKFRAME deck framing is ideal for use in areas where termites are prevolent because steel is 100% termite proof and not prone to attack like treated timber.


DECKFRAME deck framing is highly recommended in all bushfire areas including BAL40 as it is made from 100% non-combustible steel components and will not burn.

Excellent Durability

DECKFRAME deck framing is far more durable than timber and it is guaranteed not to split, crack, cup, bow, warp, rot or burn even in the harshest locations.

Fast Installation

Supplied in all 6.0m long lengths DECKFRAME deck framing is fast to install using standard metal working tools and Tek screws and is guaranteed not to give you splinters.

Minimal Components

DECKFRAME deck framing has only 6 components and along with standard metal working tools, cement and Tek screws that is all you need to build decks up to 2m high.


Product Range






DECKFRAME 300mm Steel Stirrup Stock 1 Stirrup
DFP909020 DECKFRAME 90 x 90mm Steel Post. 2.0m Length Stock 1 Length
DFB1005060 DECKFRAME 100 x 50mm Bearer, 6.0m Length Stock 1 Length
DFJ754560 DECKFRAME 75 x 45mm Joist, 6.0m Length Stock 1 Length
DFE754560 DECKFRAME 75 x 45mm Edge Joist, 6.0m Length Stock 1 Length
DFA757560 DECKFRAME 75 x 75mm Perimetre Angle, 6.0m Length Stock 1 Length




Draft Specification

Design, engineer, supply, fabricate and install DECKFRAME Engineered Deck Framing System by BLUECHIP (Phone: 08 9451 2344) to the areas as shown on the drawings. The contractor shall provide the complete system, including stirrups, posts, bearers, joists and other accessories required in accordance with the decking manufacturer’s recommendations. The profiles shall be manufactured from Australian made cold-rolled steel for maximum durability and longevity. Size and spacing of the members shall be determined according to applied loads and deflection limitations.