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Rockwool Insulation Board

IROCK Rockwool insulation board is a non-combustible insulation material widely used in external wall and facade applications that require high levels of fire safety and thermal performance. IROCK is manufactured by spinning a molten mixture of natural rock and other additives to create fine wool-like fibres which are bonded together using a thermoset resin to form a rigid insulation board. Compliant with NCC 2019 for use in external wall applications, IROCK offers excellent resistance to water absorption and is FSB-1 bio-soluble for safe, comfortable installation and long-term performance.


IROCK is deemed non-combustible when tested to AS 1530.1 meaning it is compliant for use in external walls and cladding systems which are required to be non-combustible in buildings of types A & B construction.

Moisture Resistant

Although it is not suitable for permanent immersion or exposure to drenching, IROCK insulation board's thermal performance will not be adversely affected by condensation or contact with liquid water.

FSB-1 Biosoluble

Unlike some other insulation products, IROCK mineral-based fibres have an FSB-1 bio solubility rating and are classified as non-hazardous in accordance with ASCC guidelines for safe, comfortable use.

Light-weight & Durable

IROCK Rockwool insulation boards are both lightweight and highly durable for easy hassle-free handling onsite and they can be easily cut and formed to suit almost any application.


With a nominal thermal conductivity of 0.036 W/mK and a very economical price-point, IROCK offers excellent thermal efficiency for minimal upfront cost along with life-cycle energy savings for the building.

Environmentally Friendly

Largely manufactured from recycled materials and natural rock, IROCK is environmentally friendly as an initial product. It also offers numerous environmental benefits in application as thermal insulation.

NCC 2019 Compliant

NCC 2019 Clause C1.9 specifically requires all components of external walls including cladding, insulation and framing to be non-combustible and IROCK is one of only a few materials that meet this criteria.

Acoustic Benefit

IROCK is primarily intended as a thermal insulation material for section J compliance however as an added benefit, it also offers excellent acoustic properties helping to make buildings even more livable.






Lead Time


IR401206 R1.11 IROCK 40mm Rockwool Board, 1200 x 600mm Stock 7 Boards
IR601206 R1.67 IROCK 60mm Rockwool Board, 1200 x 600mm Stock 5 Boards
IR801206 R2.22 IROCK 80mm Rockwool Board, 1200 x 600mm Stock 3 Boards
IR1001206 R2.78 IROCK 100mm Rockwool Board, 1200 x 600mm 8-10 Weeks 500m2


Technical Data

Test Item


Thermal Conductivity EN 12667 0.036 W/mK
Non-combustible (DtS) AS 1530.1 Pass
Ignightability Index AS 1530.3 0
Spread of Flame Index AS 1530.3 0
Heat Evolved Index AS 1530.3 0
Smoke Developed Index AS 1530.3 0-1
Material Density Kg/m3 100
Compressive Strength ASTM C165-07 10 KN/m2
Maximum Service Temperature Degrees <750
Melting Temperature Degrees >1000
Rockwool Content Actual >95%
Resin Content Actual <5%
Water Absorption EN 1609 <1.1%
Fungal Resistance ASTM C655 Pass
Fibre Bio-solubility ASCC FSB-1




Customer Support

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