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Eovations Technology Decking

TRAXION eovations decking is a giant leap forward in wood-alternative decking. Made in USA, it has the industry's best strength-to-weight ratio, is incredibly stable and doesn't absorb moisture. The durable polymer cap stock won't stain or fade and it provides the highest level slip resistance when tested to Australian standards. The patented eovations technology creates a fiber-like structure inside the material, similar to wood, giving it unmatched strength and the lightweight boards are easy-to-handle on the job site. Quite simply, TRAXION is the best decking material on the market today. 

Excellent Slip Resistance

TRAXION eovations decking achieves the highest possible slip rating of P5 when tested to the latest Australian standard AS 4586 meaning it is compliant for use in all applications.

Maintenance Free

TRAXION eovations decking contains no cellulose, has no open porosity structure, and is not degraded by common mould enzymes so simply wipe clean at your leisure.

Industry Leading Warranty

TRAXION eovations decking comes with the industry’s leading warranty offering a 25-year Structural and a 25-year Stain & Fade guarantee backed up by the manufacturer in USA.

Extreme Strength

TRAXION eovations decking has exceptional strength due to its oriented internal fibre structure that is a remarkable replication of wood's internal structure.

High Strength to Weight Ratio

Kilo-for-kilo, TRAXION eovations decking delivers unprecedented strength and much less dense compared to virtually all other composite construction materials

Low Thermal Expansion

TRAXION eovations decking has a far lower rate of thermal expansion than other composites. This dimensional stability is a huge advantage in maintaining performance and appearance.

No Moisture Absorption

Unlike many other composites, TRAXION eovations decking absorbs virtually no moisture; immersion testing shows maximum moisture absorption values of less than 0.2%.

Resistance to Everything

TRAXION eovations decking is resistant to almost everything including UV, chalking, rot, leaching, cracking, denting, scratching, splintering and insects.




Specification Code: T*X14022 TRAXION Secret Fix Decking
Specification Code: T*P14022 TRAXION Pencil Round





Lead Time


T*X14022 TRAXION 140 x 22mm Secret Fix Decking, 5.8m Length Stock 1 Length
T*P14022 TRAXION 140 x 22mm Pencil Round, 5.8m Length Stock 1 Length
T*X18522 TRAXION 185 x 22mm Secret Fix Decking, 5.8m Length 10-12 Weeks 36 Lengths
T*P18522 TRAXION 185 x 22mm Pencil Round, 5.8m Length 10-12 Weeks 36 Lengths
T*P9022 TRAXION 90 x 22mm Screening Batten, 5.8m Length 10-12 Weeks 72 Lengths


System Components


Lead Time MOQ
STOWAWAY Secret Fix Decking Clips & Screws Stock 1 Pack
PROPLUG Colour-matched Secret Fix Plugs & Screws Stock 1 Pack
STANDARD Galvanised & Stainless Steel Decking Screws Stock 1 Pack


*The asterix in the product code denotes colour selection as follows: T = Tahiti, S = Seychelles, C = Capri, M = Maui, K = Kiribati & D = Dominica. All colours are subject to availability and lead times may apply for large commercial orders.

Colour Chart




Customer Support

For same day design assistance and technical support please contact our sales team directly on the below contact details. All our sales and technical staff are locally based so we can provide the best possible service and support for your project. You can also request a technical data sheet or project quotation using the below email links;

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