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Non-combustible Sarking

FIRESPAN non-combustible wall wrap and sarking is a heavy duty membrane which is BCA compliant and Deemed-to-Satisfy non-combustible for use in exterior cladding systems on all types of construction. Tested in accordance with AS 1530.1 and AS 1530.3 fire standards, FIRESPAN is availalbe in waterproof and perforated variations. The reflective foil face on one side provides extra R-value when installed facing an air cavity and FIRESPAN is classified as a barrier to radiant heat, moisture ingress, draughts and dust penetration when installed as per AS 4200.2.

AS 1530.1 Non-combustible

FIRESPAN sarking is Deemed-to-Satisfy non-combustible in accordance with NCC 2022 Clause C2D10(6)(f) and (g) meaning it can be used on any building of types A, B and C construction.

CSIRO Fire Testing

FIRESPAN has been appropriately tested to relevant Australian standards including AS 1530.1 and AS 1530.3 by NATA accredited CSIRO and is Deemed-to-Satisfy non-combustible.

Easy to Use

FIRESPAN sarking is a high strength and ultra flexible product easily adaptable for wrap-around areas and varied surface types therefore quick and easy to install.

Anti-tear Strength

With ultra heavy duty foil and multi-layer woven construction, FIRESPAN sarking is able to withstand moderate wind and won’t tear of the building when under pressure.

High Durability

FIRESPAN has an advanced strength non-combustible fibre-glass and pure aluminium foil structure meaning it offers excellent durability and resistance to delamination over time.

NCC 2022 Compliant

FIRESPAN sarking has been tested in accordance with relevant Australian fire standards including AS 1530.1, AS 1530.2 and AS 1530.3 giving confidence to builders and contractors for suitability on all projects.

Water Resistant

The heavy duty facing material structure of FIRESPAN sarking and wall wrap means there is no moisture ingress or break-down ensuring superior long term performance.

Protects the Building

During construction FIRESPAN sarking will help protect the building frame from the external elements helping to prevent onset of any degredation or corrosion.



Product Range

AS 1530.1 Sarking
White High Tack Tape





Lead Time


FSS12540 FIRESPAN Waterproof Membrane, 1.25 x 40m Roll Stock 1 Roll
FSB12540 FIRESPAN Perforated Membrane, 1.25 x 40m Roll Stock 1 Roll





Lead Time


ITW4850 INSULTAPE 48mm White High Tack Tape, 50m Roll Stock 1 Roll


Technical Data

Test Item



Non-combustible (DtS) AS 1530.1 Pass*
Ignitability Index AS 1530.3 0*
Spread of Flame Index AS 1530.3 0*
Heat Evolved Index AS 1530.3 0*
Smoke Developed Index AS 1530.3 1*
Flammability Index AS 1530.2 1**
Strength / Duty AS 4200.1 Heavy Duty
Emittance AS 4201.5  0.05
Reflectivity Actual 95%


*Deemed-to-Satisfy non-combustible in accordance with AS 1530.1 and AS 1530.3 testing as per the requirements of NCC 2022 clause C2D10(6)(g). **Also Deemed-to-Satisfy non-combustible as per NCC 2022 clause C2D10(6)(f), with thickness <1mm and Flammability Index <5.




Customer Support

For same day design assistance and technical support please contact our sales team directly on the below contact details. All our sales and technical staff are locally based so we can provide the best possible service and support for your project. You can also request a technical data sheet or project quotation using the below email links;

Frank Kutra
Product Manager
1300 945 123
0477 966 027
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